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$25 OFF any repair service>When it comes to garage door maintenance in Rowlett, TX, we are the most experienced team to trust with your needs. Our crew can handle all kinds of garage doors and make sure that they are serving you at full capacity. With proper routine maintenance, you can extend the life of your garage door and see better service with fewer unexpected breakdowns. If you have a garage door, you need a team that you can trust for regular maintenance services. Unfortunately, many people fail to take care of garage door maintenance needs. You take care of your car maintenance, so why not take care of your garage door? Maintenance is fast, affordable and does not cause any kind of inconvenience.

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What is Garage Door Maintenance?

Routine garage door maintenance should be scheduled on an annual basis. When our skilled technicians come out to your location, they will inspect every part of the garage door, including the garage door opener. Maintenance includes cleaning parts, checking for rust or wear and tear, and treating parts with a lubricant that will penetrate the various areas of the parts. Some particular parts that are given extra attention include the garage door springs, hinges and rollers. These parts are among those most commonly repaired or replaced, and replacement needs can often be caught early through maintenance to prevent these parts from breaking and causing safety hazards or serious problems. The belt or chain that operates the garage door opener is also scrutinized to ensure that it does not need immediate repairs or replacement.

Maintenance Makes a Difference

Garage door maintenance does make a significant difference when it comes to garage door longevity and service. Maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. Through maintenance you can get years of additional service from your door, cutting down on premature door replacement. Maintenance can also reduce the number of unexpected repairs, catching problems early. Regular maintenance services can also help your door's safety level as well. As an example, springs are thoroughly checked during maintenance. If the technician sees signs of wear and tear, damage or rust, he will tell you if the spring is nearing the end of its life cycle and needs to be replaced. If a spring breaks unexpectedly, a garage door could fall and cause injury to people or damage property. If it is time for your garage door to have its annual maintenance, or if you can't remember the last time you had someone check your garage door, now is the time to call Rowlett Garage Door Repair. We promise superior workmanship, excellent customer service and overall amazing results. When you call on us, you will quickly recognize the difference.

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