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Garage door springs must be working right in order to obtain optimal garage door function. The springs hold the door in place and ensure that it opens and closes properly. The size, weight and function of the door plays a role in the number of garage door springs that are required to hold the door in place. Most residential garage doors require one or two springs, but larger, heavier doors or those doors that are commercial in nature may require multiple springs to work accurately. These springs require routine maintenance in order to prevent sudden malfunction and to try to prevent breakage. We are the team that can be trusted to take care of garage door springs.

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More About Garage Door Springs

There are two kinds of garage door springs. While both springs serve the same purpose, they are located in different areas and are held in place differently. Torsion springs can be found at the top of the garage door. Extension springs are located on the side of the door, but near the top of the door. If a door has only spring and that spring breaks, the door could fall unexpectedly and cause harm to humans or animals, or result in damage to property. Therefore, many garage doors, including residential garage doors, incorporate the use of at least two springs as a safety precaution. It is imperative to check garage door springs for excessive signs of wear and tear, damage or rust. In such instances, garage door springs should be replaced before failure occurs.

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are attached at the top of the garage door. These springs can serve their purpose for years. These springs hold a lot of torque, therefore, if they are not properly handled they can cause serious injury. When it comes to installation, maintenance or repairs and replacement of garage door springs, a skilled technician should be called to handle the job. It is important to make sure you use the right spring for the door's weight and to maintain its balance. If the door drops, it can result in injury or damage, so it is imperative to make sure that you choose a professional team that can make sure the proper springs are used for your garage door.

Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage door extension springs are located near the top of the garage door on the sides. They also serve the same purpose as torsion springs. They keep the door in place and maintain its balance. While some garage doors have one spring, most doors require two springs. If one door spring has failed, it is logical to replace them both and prevent future problems. Experts can quickly and promptly replace garage door springs while handling them in a safe, professional manner.

Get Your Springs Fixed

When it comes to garage door springs replacement in Rowlett, TX, call on the team of experts at Rowlett Garage Door Repair. For expert care and fast, friendly service, we are the company you can count on to get the job done right the first time. Call us now for fast response and the best possible results you could expect. Now is the time to experience our quality work. Call today to schedule services by Rowlett Garage Door Repair.

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